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Customers are looking for you online. If you are not advertising there - they will buy from a business who is. Advertising online is complicated - I get that. That is why we handle all the complicated stuff for you. The strategy, creative, technology, and analysis. Things that you don't have time to keep up with. And, continuous monitoring and improvement means steady leads, customers, and revenue. Ideal customers that are motivated to do business with YOU. Want reliable revenue for your business? Set-up a consultation or call today. 
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Your Customers Are Looking Online For Your Local Business
if you are not there, you are losing out.

we keep up so you don't have to:
  •  Mobile Optimized: Mobile searches outnumber desktop searches
  •  Technology Enabled 24/7:  8 AM - 5 PM is not good enough
  •  Local & Interest Targeted: No need to pay for ads that generate unusable leads
  •  Follow Up & Remarketing: People usually don't buy on first contact 
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" The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It."
- Abraham Lincoln
Services Roadmap
Strategy Session: During an interactive Strategy Session, we learn your business and goals so I can implement a system specifically for you: Who is your ideal customer? What is your current marketing strategy? How have you been engaging your customers? You receive free, valuable advice. From this Strategy Session we determine the scope of engagement and investment needed to deliver on your goals.
Deployment and Learning Phase: We start with an Intake Process. I develop a new, customized marketing strategy to effectively reach your ideal customer. I implement that strategy and then test, improve, test, improve, test, improve... You get the point. We don't bank on assumptions. We test them. If they work great, otherwise we test another approach. It takes about one month before we get your local advertising optimized so that it works like clockwork.
Return on Investment Phase: The advertising delivers leads and customers reliably. You now control the number of ideal customers and monthly revenue you want by controlling your advertising budget. It is like a faucet and you have you hand on the handle. Just imagine how great it feels to have the number of ideal customers you want and a dependable stream of 
monthly revenue. You no longer have to worry about paying your bills. You have control of your success.
Key Mistakes Struggling Businesses Make Online
One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is advertising to the wrong target market. Either advertising only to existing customers (and not to get new business) or to people that cannot use your business. Your should be able to differentiate between methods that reach existing customers vs. new customers and people not viable customers. 

We all have experienced customers that are amazing to work with and, most importantly, profitable. And, unfortunately, we all have had those customers that are the complete opposite. Why not advertise for attract the good ones? Your goal must be to use advertising dollars not just acquire new customers but new ideal customers. 

Don't make this mistake. I can help you target your valid and ideal customer optimizing your advertising budget and alleviating headaches from attracting the wrong customers.
It is vital to leveraging attraction marketing in digital marketing. Attraction marketing is not new but it is done differently online because digital marketing is not face-to-face. The concept is to create a "magnetic" relationship with target customers so that they seek you out when they are ready to buy. 

You build this type of relationship by communicating in an authentic and consistent way, and offering value even before a someone becomes your customer.

While this may sound daunting, it can be accomplished with automated tools... when those tools are used properly. I will help you set up automated attraction marketing systems. Schedule your strategy session so you can stop chasing customers. Let them chase you. 

You will miss out on lots of clients and revenue if you skip remarking and retargeting. This is reaching out to people that have expressed interest in your product or service in the past by clicking on your ad or visiting your website. Remarketing and retargeting reduces costs of advertising, results in more leads, improves advertising ROI, and helps you better focus in on new revenue opportunities. 

You have likely experienced retargeting. You looked at an ad and then it followed you around the internet - kind of surprising but very effective. There are specific guidelines to make retargeting and remarketing effective instead of creepy

This step is really a secret superpower that can make all the difference. I am shocked at how many advertisers miss this step. Don't be one of them. Set up your consultation today!
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